Do I Need a Lawyer to Dissolve a Domestic Partnership in Wisconsin - Milwaukee Family Lawyers

Most people find that hiring a lawyer to dissolve a domestic partnership is a huge help – and it’s not just because of the legal paperwork that needs to be filed. In many cases, joint property needs to be divided, custody needs to be arranged, and many other factors come into play.

The Legal Definition of Domestic Partnership in Wisconsin

The Wisconsin State Legislature defines a domestic partner as someone who has signed a domestic partnership declaration and filed this declaration in their county’s office of the register of deeds.

If you were involved in a domestic partnership, you may have shared parenting responsibilities, joint property and had other joint assets. For the most part, the end of a domestic partnership is much like a divorce – the only differences, for many people, are in the legalities.

Terminating Domestic Partnerships in Wisconsin

You can end your domestic partnership by filing a notice of termination with your county clerk. This termination notice must be signed and notarized to be legally binding.

This notice of termination must also include an affidavit stating your partner received written notice of the termination if you were the only one who signed the termination. If your ex-domestic partner cannot be located, include that information in the affidavit as well.

Is It Really This Simple?

Legally, yes, it’s a straightforward process. However, “simple” is another story.

Most splits are far from amicable, whether we’re talking about a breakup, the dissolution of a domestic partnership or a marriage.

Maybe you invested in real estate property together, acquired collections or started a business; perhaps you’ve had children and included one another in your wills. For most couples, it’s best to work with a lawyer who can ensure that you reach a workable agreement that you can both live with – and one that’s fair to everyone involved.