Crimes that Could Land Your Child in Juvenile Detention - Wisconsin Juvenile Lawyers

We all like to think of our kids as inherently good – and really, for the most part, they are. Kids just don’t have the emotional maturity and wisdom that we project on them as adults.

But what happens when good kids make bad decisions?

If they’re caught, they could end up in a juvenile detention facility such as the Vel Phillips Juvenile Justice Center. It’s so important that you talk to a Milwaukee juvenile defense attorney as soon as possible if you find out that your child is in trouble – your actions now could make a huge difference in your child’s future.

3 Crimes that Could Land Your Child in Juvenile Detention

Some crimes are far more common for children to commit than others are, including:

1. Drug possession. For the most part, kids get in trouble for possessing marijuana. However, some children are caught with more serious drugs – but either way, it’s important that you talk to an attorney to help preserve your child’s rights.

2. Consumption or possession of alcohol. Many kids test the waters when it comes to drinking, and not all of them are caught. If your child is caught with alcohol, he or she is going to need your support… and in some cases, an attorney.

3. Theft. Whether kids feel they need something or they like the “thrill” of stealing (there are literally dozens of other reasons children pick up things that don’t belong to them, too), they often get caught with their hands in the proverbial cookie jar.

Each of these crimes has the potential to put your child in a juvenile detention center. Unfortunately, juvenile detention centers aren’t famous for their reformative capabilities; like jails and prisons, they often lead to smarter – but still wayward – individuals.

Your child needs you to stand up for his or her rights and to help them through mistakes. If your child has been charged with one of these offenses, it doesn’t mean he or she is destined for a life of crime; it does mean that you still have the ability to help your child turn things around for a better future.