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According to the Post Crescent, Milwaukee County has the highest number of child pornography “flags” out of all the cities in Wisconsin—and a video from the state Department of Justice is causing more lawmakers to sway toward easing subpoena restrictions to speed up investigations.

Because a child pornography conviction can change the course of your life—in many cases, these convictions result in lengthy prison sentences, supervision and sex offender registration—it’s probably a good idea to talk to a Wisconsin sensitive crime attorney if you’re accused this type of offense.

What Would Administrative Subpoenas Do?

An administrative subpoena is nothing new. However, in Internet child pornography investigations, these types of subpoenas allow law enforcement officials to have access to what Representative Joel Kleefisch calls the “phone book for sexual predators.”

This “phone book” gives law enforcement agents the information they need to determine an Internet user’s location, cutting down on investigation time.

While administrative subpoenas in Internet child pornography cases can speed up the investigation process, law enforcement officers must still obtain search warrants to seize property or gather other information.

What Should You Do if You’re Accused of a Child Pornography Crime?

As with most criminal accusations, you shouldn’t answer investigators’ questions or admit to anything—even if you’re completely innocent—without talking to your attorney first.

Your lawyer will need to evaluate your case, including the circumstances surrounding your arrest if you’ve been arrested, and determine the best course of action before he or she gives you case-specific advice.

What Are the Consequences of a Child Pornography Charge?

There are varying degrees of child pornography charges in Wisconsin. According to state law, being in possession of child pornography can range from a Class I to a Class D felony.

If you’ve been accused of any type of child pornography crime, it’s essential that you talk to a Wisconsin child pornography defense lawyer as soon as possible. Call us at 414-383-6700, or if it’s easier, contact us online.