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By Carlos Gamino

Child custody and placement are two of the most disputed parts of divorce. It can be tough for parents who both want the best for their children to see eye-to-eye, particularly after a break-up. But having knowledge of child placement laws in Wisconsin can help you determine what’s right for your kids – and what a judge is likely to sign off on when you submit a plan to the court.

Child Placement Laws in Wisconsin: What You Need to Know

Physical placement refers to the time that your children are in each parent’s care. When the children are with you, you have the right to make routine decisions about their care. Likewise, when they’re with their other parent, he or she has the right to make those decisions.

Most court orders outline the placement schedule between the parents so there’s not much room for confusion about where the kids are (and when they switch from one parent’s house to another).

Do Parents Have to Have Equal Placement?

In Wisconsin, the law says that kids should have a schedule that gives them plenty of time with each parent. The placement doesn’t have to be 50-50. In fact, it just needs to maximize the time the kids will have with each parent and make sure the time they spend with each parent is regularly occurring and meaningful.

It’s in your best interest to reach an agreement with your children’s other parent. If you don’t, the courts will have to rule for you. And while judges do their best to remain fair and impartial while putting the kids’ needs first, nobody knows your family – or what works for them – like you do.

Some of the factors the judge will consider if he or she must rule on placement include:

  • Availability of child care
  • Communication and cooperation between the parents
  • Each parent’s availability to care for the kids
  • Past parenting time
  • The child’s adjustment
  • The child’s family and other significant relationships
  • The needs and wishes of the children
  • What the parents want
  • Whether each parent is supportive or interferes in the other parent’s relationship with the children

Do You Need to Talk to a Lawyer About Child Placement Laws in Wisconsin?

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