Charged with a Violent Felony - Here's What You Need to Know - Criminal Defense Lawyer

By Carlos Gamino

If you’re charged with a violent felony, one of the best decisions you can make may be hiring a criminal defense lawyer who understands Wisconsin law. A conviction will most likely force you to face prison time, so it’s incredibly important to have someone fighting in your corner who knows the law and can protect your rights.

What Should You Do if You’re Arrested for a Violent Crime?

Do not talk to police, no matter how much they encourage you to discuss the crime. Remain quiet; you have the right to do so, so use it. Let your Milwaukee defense attorney handle any communication between you, the courts and law enforcement.

If you are in city or county jail awaiting trial for your violent felony case, stay out of trouble. Don’t do anything that could hurt your case.

Should You Accept a Plea Bargain?

Your lawyer might talk to you about accepting a plea bargain from the prosecutor. A plea bargain includes you agreeing to admit guilt to a lesser charge in order to avoid being convicted of the current violent felony charges against you.  

What Happens if You Are Charged with a Violent Crime

If you’re charged with a violent crime, you’ll have to appear in court. Your lawyer will be with you, and you’ll receive a copy of the criminal complaint. You’ll be allowed to state whether you are guilty or not guilty.

Your lawyer will guide you from there. You may be released and allowed to come back to court at a later date, but that’s not guaranteed; you may have to return to jail to wait for the next step. Even if you must return to jail, your lawyer will continue to work on your case so that he or she is prepared when it’s time to go back to court.