Celebrity Divorces - Don't Make the Same Mistakes They Did - Milwaukee Divorce Lawyer

When celebrities head for divorce court, things can get really ugly, really quickly. All of their “dirty laundry” is splattered on national news, and we start to think of all the finger-pointing, cheating and outright nastiness as a normal part of divorce.

They don’t have to be, though.

In fact, your Milwaukee divorce lawyer will probably tell you to try to settle things with your spouse on your own rather than going for the jugular in court. And really, it’s for your own good.

The Real Dirt on Celebrities

Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger, Charlie Sheen and Denise Richards, and even Sir Paul McCartney and Heather Mills went through extremely ugly—and extremely public—divorces. Instead of doing the right thing by trying to work together, these couples went crazy on each other and in some cases, used their kids to gain leverage.

Newsflash: The Kids Suffer Most

You probably already know it, and your divorce attorney has probably mentioned it just in case, but kids are the ones who suffer most during a messy divorce. Children naturally feel compelled to take sides, and when they’re forced to take sides between the two people they love the most, it can cause extremely unhealthy inner conflict.

That doesn’t mean that you and your ex aren’t suffering, too. It’s okay to feel angry, hurt or bitter (or just about any other emotion on the spectrum), but psychologists suggest that causing emotional trauma with the intent to hurt your ex can delay your own healing process.

Your Divorce Doesn’t Have to Be Like That

A number of factors contribute to nasty divorces, and when the media catches wind of celebrities heading for Splittsville, they pounce. The messier, the better.

But that means what we see is Charlie Sheen calling Denise Richards a “sad, jobless pig” and Alec Baldwin tearing his ex and his daughter to shreds. We see Heather Mills tossing a pitcher of water over Paul McCartney’s lawyer’s head… and then we start to think that that’s what divorce is supposed to look like.

Talk (and Listen) to Your Milwaukee Divorce Lawyer

Your Milwaukee divorce attorney’s job is to make this process go more smoothly. He or she can’t do that if you’re not willing to listen to the voice of experience. Bring your concerns to your attorney and then weigh your options based on the advice you get. Even if it means picking your battles, you’ll save yourself a lot of time, money and stress in the long run.