Expungement - Wisconsin Criminal Defense Lawyers

We’ve all made mistakes that we wish we hadn’t – and in some cases, those mistakes continue to cast a shadow on our lives for years. If you’ve been convicted of the crime of breaking and entering, whether or not there was burglary involved, there’s good news: with the help of a talented Milwaukee criminal defense lawyer, you may be able to have it expunged from your record.

What is an Expungement?

When you have something expunged from your record, it’s no longer available to public view. That means most employers won’t be able to see it, either (unless you intend to join the military or law enforcement; then, you’ll have to check with your attorney to find out exactly how “invisible” your past conviction will become).

It’s still there, but it’s not considered public information anymore.

Getting a B&E Expunged from Your Record

It’s not always possible to have a breaking and entering charge expunged from your record. However, some people are eligible to try, including:

  • People who were convicted of B&E before the age of 17.
  • People who were convicted of B&E before the age of 25 whose lawyers plan ahead and help them preserve their rights to ask for an expungement after their sentences are carried out.

There are several caveats to that; for example, you must not have been convicted of another crime (neither a misdemeanor nor a felony) and you must have paid all of the fines related to the crime. Be sure to bring your attorney all of the court paperwork you have – including receipts – so he or she can ensure that everything is in order and that you qualify to ask for an expungement.

While it’s always best to avoid a conviction in the first place, sometimes there’s no getting around it. As long as you have a skilled attorney by your side during your B&E trial, you can rest assured that your rights will be protected.