Busted with Drugs in Wisconsin

Getting caught with drugs is a life-changing event. Whether you’re addicted and you can’t get the help you need or you were simply in the wrong place at the wrong time, you deserve a chance to explain your situation in court with a Milwaukee criminal defense attorney by your side.

Getting Caught with Drugs: What’s Next?

If you’ve been officially charged with drug possession in Wisconsin, your lawyer will have several questions for you. It’s important that you provide your attorney with a lot of background information so he or she can come to your defense and protect your rights in the courtroom.

It’s important to remember that drug possession charges are different than drug trafficking charges. Each carries different consequences, but in either case, your Milwaukee criminal defense attorney will be able to ensure that you’re treated fairly in court.

Possible Penalties for Possession in Wisconsin

Some drug possession charges in Wisconsin are considered felonies, and even those that are not considered felonies can result in jail time. Because these charges can stay on your record indefinitely, it’s important that you follow your attorney’s advice throughout the process.

What Your Milwaukee Criminal Defense Lawyer Might Advise

In some cases, seeking treatment for a drug addiction can improve your circumstances. Your lawyer will probably also tell you to stay out of trouble while you’re waiting for sentencing – even if that means taking a break from friends or family who engage in illegal activities.

Remember, You’re Not Alone

Your lawyer is going to walk you through the whole process – you don’t have to do this alone. In order to minimize the impact that drug charges will have on your life, it’s imperative that you listen when your lawyer tells you what to do. Because he or she has extensive experience with the Milwaukee and Wisconsin court systems, you’ll get legal advice that’s tailored specifically to your case… and that advice can make all the difference in the world.