Bouncing Back After a Conviction - Milwaukee Criminal Defense Lawyer

If you’ve been convicted of a crime in Milwaukee, you know first-hand how difficult it is to cope with your new reality. You may be facing fines, supervision or even jail time, and those things are stressful. While your Milwaukee criminal defense lawyer can tell you how to navigate the legal processes, you still have to deal with the emotional fallout. So what are you supposed to do next?

The Emotional Toll of a Criminal Conviction

Because a criminal conviction stays on your record, you may have to disclose it when you’re applying for a job or trying to find a place to live. Some employers and landlords conduct police background checks, so your record could come up.

That’s not easy.

Many people find it helpful to talk to others who are in similar situations or to work with organizations like Project RETURN. Others rely on a strong network of family and friends, and others turn to their faith. The U.S. Department of Labor also has resources available to help former prisoners and those with criminal convictions reintegrate back into their communities.

What You Can Do with a Conviction in Your Past

Check with your lawyer to find out whether you qualify to get your Wisconsin criminal record expunged. It’s not an option for everyone, but it might be for you.

You may be able to get your criminal conviction expunged if it happened while you were under the age of 17, or if you were under the age of 25 and your conviction was for a Class H felony or less. Because the expungement process can require a lot of paperwork, as well as court appearances, it’s usually best to work with a lawyer who has plenty of experience in the Milwaukee court system.

Feel free to call us at (414) 383-6700. Our experienced attorneys will be able to evaluate your case and let you know if you may qualify for expungement so you can move on with your life.