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By Carlos Gamino

Being a parent who’s going through a divorce is tough—especially when you realize how hard the process is on your children.

However, there are plenty of great resources available that you can use to help your children cope with divorce.

Children’s Books About Divorce

Reading books about divorce can help you and your kids, especially in the “opening up and talking” department.

Some of the best books for kids aged 3 to 7 include:

  • Dinosaurs Divorce. This picture book explores why parents get divorced and what happens during the process, and it answers questions many children in this age group have.
  • Two Homes. This adorable, kindhearted book explains to children that both parents love them, even if they do so separately (and in two separate homes that seem like they’re worlds apart).
  • My Family’s Changing. This large-print picture book walks kids through the concept of divorce and how it affects each family member.

Great books for kids 8 and up include:

  • What Can I Do? A Book for Children of Divorce. This book chronicles the emotional journey of a girl who tries to keep her parents together, but ultimately they split anyway—and the girl eventually joins a support group just for kids of divorced families.
  • Divorce is Not the End of the World. This book, written by two siblings whose parents divorced, tackles difficult topics like guilt, fear and anger.

Kids aged 10 and up may particularly enjoy Mom’s House, Dad’s House for Kids: Feeling at Home in One Home or Two. The guidebook, written by a family therapist, helps kids in this age group deal with contrasting house rules, staying neutral between parents, and more.

Other Tools to Help Your Kids Deal With Divorce

Sesame Street’s Divorce Toolkit includes songs, printables, and plenty of clips with titles you can sift through to help your little ones, including:

  • “What is Divorce?”
  • “It’s Not Your Fault”
  • “Changes”
  • “Managing Strong Feelings”
  • “A New Family”

The toolkit also features stories from real kids who have gone through what your kids are experiencing now.

Do You Need Help Through a Divorce?

Divorce isn’t easy for anyone, but our experience as Wisconsin divorce lawyers has taught us that when we can simplify it and help adults cope, it gives children a little more breathing room, too.

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Carlos Gamino