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A Milwaukee immigration attorney can help you gain temporary visas to the United States to visit, study, or work. Of course, the type of visa needed is based on the primary purpose of travel to the United States. Indeed, it is important to apply for a visa well in advance of your planned international travel. Gamino Law Offices, LLC is an immigration law firm in Milwaukee, Wisconsin where we can help you obtain visas to the United States, including, for example, temporary visas.

FAQ: Temporary Visitor Visa to the United States

  • What non-immigrant visas are available to come to the United States?
  • How long does it take to get a temporary visa to travel to the United States?
What visas are available to travel to the United States as a visitor?
  • A Visa:  Diplomats and Foreign Government Officials
  • A-2 / NATO 1-6 Visa:  Foreign Military Personnel Stationed in the US
  • B-1 Visa:  Athletes, Business Visitors, Domestic Employee or Nanny                           (accompanying a foreign national employer)
  • B-2 Visa:  Visitors for Medical Treatment, Tourism, Vacation, Visit, or                        Pleasure Travel
  • BCC Visa:  Mexican Border Crossing Card
  • C Visa:  Transiting the United States
  • D Visa:  Crewmembers
  • E Visa:  Treaty Traders or Investors
  • E-3 Visa:  Australian Professional Specialty
  • F Visa:  Academic or Vocational Students
  • G-1 – G-5 NATO Visa:  Employees of a Designated International                                                   Organization or NATO
  • H-1B Visa:  Physician, Specialty Occupations in Fields Requiring Highly                       Specialized Knowledge
  • H-1B1 Visa / Chili or Singapore:  Free Trade Agreement (FTA) Professionals                                                 from Chile or Singapore
  • H-2A Visa:  Temporary Agricultural Workers
  • H-2B Visa:  Temporary Workers performing other Temporary or Seasonal                      Labor or Services
  • H-3 Visa:  Training in a Program Not Primarily for Employment
  • I Visa:  Media or Journalists
  • J Visa:  Exchange Visitors – Au Pairs, Physicians, Professor, Scholar or                    Teacher
  • K Visa: Fiance(e)s or Spouses awaiting immigrant status approval
  • L Visa:  Intercompany Transferee
  • M Visa:  Academic or Vocational Students
  • ​O Visa:  Foreign Nationals with Extraordinary Ability in Sciences, Arts,                   Education, Business or Athletics
  • P Visa:  Performing Athletes, Artists, Entertainers; 
  • Q Visa:  International Cultural Exchange Visitor
  • R Visa:  Religious Worker
  • T Visa:  Victims of Human Trafficking
  • TN / TD Visa:  NAFTA Professional Workers from Mexico or Canada
  • ​U Visa:  Victim of Criminal Activity
What is the typical wait time to get a non-immigrant temporary visa to the United States?

Specifically, how long it takes to obtain a non-immigrant visa to the U.S. depends on the wait time to receive an interview appointment at a US Embassy or Consulate. Thereafter, it depends on the wait time for the visa to be processed.  However, you can check the typical wait time and required local instructions and procedures for each embassy or consulate at the U.S. Department of State website.

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