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The persuasive Milwaukee criminal defense appellate attorneys at Gamino Law Offices, LLC craft creative Wisconsin criminal appeals. To illustrate, as post-conviction lawyers, our Wisconsin criminal appeals lawyer in Milwaukee will thoroughly critique your whole case. Specifically, we review everything that happened at the criminal trial level in every Wisconsin criminal appeal that your appellate lawyer handles. Further, we look at everything – including the criminal complaint, discovery, investigation and pre-trial motions before the trial court. Additionally, we analyze the evidence and the quality of the criminal defense lawyer who represented you during the trial level proceedings. This means our Milwaukee, Wisconsin appellate lawyer also assesses everything that said or done in any criminal jury trial or court trial.

Creative and Effective Representation to Appeal a Criminal Conviction in Wisconsin

In conclusion, our experienced appellate attorneys determine how best to obtain relief from criminal convictions in Wisconsin. Further, every Wisconsin criminal appeals lawyer in our firm handles post-conviction issues and criminal appeals from any circuit court in Wisconsin. You need an attorney who won’t quit fighting for you, even after a conviction.

One Milwaukee Criminal Defense Attorney’s view of why appeals are so important in our system of justice:

In order to understand why appeals are so important in the criminal justice system, one must have an understanding of the what happens at the trial level.  Often the prosecutor and the judge are juggling hundreds of cases at the same time while your case is pending.  Your defense lawyer may also have been handling too many cases and it is possible that no one in the system really gave your case the attention it deserved.    Additionally, judges and prosecutors can be politically motivated and may not follow the law for fear of political retribution.

Did your case get enough attention?

This reality is what makes the criminal appellate process so important.  The manifestations of the parties at the trial level not giving your case its due are numerous.  The most obvious is when the law isn’t applied properly.  Either the lawyers don’t know the law or the judge doesn’t know, or isn’t properly informed, of the law and this has a great impact on your case.  This happens more often than you would think!

Did your judge and your lawyer follow the law?

The benefit of appealing your criminal case is having another lawyer step back and review the entire file, transcripts and history, of what happened at the trial level, like a supervisor of the proceedings.  If everything happened at light speed or without sufficient communication with you, then the appellate lawyer gets to slow that process down and fix anything that was done incorrectly that hurt your case.

What makes a good appellate lawyer?

Of course, a good Wisconsin criminal appeals lawyer, like all appellate lawyers, will, first and foremost, establish and maintain good communication with the client.  This is absolutely essential because the appellate lawyer was not part of the trial, proceedings, or discussions the first time around; and because the client deserves to be informed of what the appellate lawyer sees in the case.  A good appellate lawyer will take note of any little thing in the case and investigate and research whether it has merit or affected the case.  In particular, even seemingly small mistakes can have large impacts in criminal law.  However, our appellate criminal attorneys address and fix problems that arose in criminal cases using our training and our intellect to help our clients get relief.

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Wisconsin Criminal Appeals & Post-Conviction Relief

We handle criminal appeals based on any harmful error or meritorious issue in criminal cases throughout Wisconsin, including any of the following.

Common appellate concerns include the following:
  • Bias
  • Breach of plea agreements
  • Conflicts of interest 
  • Denial of the right to substitution of judge
  • Denial of a motion to suppress
  • Double jeopardy violations
  • Exceeding the scope of a warrant
  • Excessive sentences
  • Failure to provide exculpatory evidence to the defense
  • Failure to suppress evidence at trial
  • Impeachment of witnesses
  • Ineffective assistance of defense trial counsel at any stage of the proceeding, from initial appearance and arraignment through sentencing 
  • Involuntary confessions
  • Invalid consent to search
  • Invalid Miranda warnings
  • Juror bias
  • Jury tampering
  • Motions to modify sentence
  • Motions to modify conditions of extended supervision
  • Police misconduct
  • Sentence credit errors
  • Speedy trial violations
A good criminal appellate attorney also looks at abuse of the following:
  • ​discretion by the judge
  • sentencing discretion
  • prosecutorial discretion
Our appellate lawyers also review your case for any improper actions, including improper:
  • admission of evidence
  • arguments
  • charging delay
  • charging discretion
  • evidentiary rulings
  • examination of witnesses
  • execution of a search or arrest warrant
  • expert testimony
  • issuance of a warrant or invalid warrant
  • identification during investigation or at trial
  • interrogation
  • joinder for trial
  • jurisdiction for the charged offense
  • jury selection
  • motor vehicle stops
  • penalty enhancers
  • plea negotiations
  • questioning of witnesses
  • restitution
  • searches
  • seizures
  • severance for trial
  • suppression hearing, findings of fact or conclusions of law
  • use or viewing of physical restraints at trial
  • venue
  • Warrantless searches
  • Warrantless seizures
Your Wisconsin post-conviction lawyer will also review the sufficiency of
  • the complaint
  • the evidence
  • any plea colloquy
  • probable cause to arrest
Similarly, our criminal appeals lawyers in Milwaukee will analyze the validity of any
  • field sobriety tests
  • felony bind-over for trial
  • waivers, including of your right to
    • a jury trial
    • counsel
    • remain silent
    • testify
Your appellate defense attorney will further review any violations of your rights to:
  • confront your accusers
  • present a defense
  • remain silent
  • a public trial

In conclusion, contact us for more information about a state or federal Milwaukee Wisconsin criminal appeal lawyer. You can also see the current status of all criminal appeals in Wisconsin here. In summary, your Milwaukee criminal defense attorneys and Wisconsin appellate lawyers look forward to serving you with your criminal appeals!  Also visit our informative Wisconsin criminal lawyer resources page.