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Guns have many functions, including recreational activities, protection, and sometimes criminal activities. Similarly, the US Constitution guarantees the right to carry and bear arms, and Wisconsin has relatively liberal gun laws to respect that right. Wisconsin gun laws include legal concealed carry provisions and the “castle doctrine.” These gun laws, however, do not negate the fact that using a weapon to commit a crime provides the basis for a penalty enhancer. Similarly, criminal punishment for gun crimes can be severe. In addition to leaving a mark on a person’s criminal record, a conviction for weapons offenses is punishable by fines, jail, and significant prison time in some cases. If charged with a gun crime in Wisconsin, you need the best criminal defense lawyer you can find.

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In light of changes in Wisconsin gun legislation, anyone charged with a gun crime in Wisconsin needs an experienced Milwaukee weapons defense attorney who understands the law. Therefore, if the state charges you with any of the following in Wisconsin, you need a tough attorney. Find the best Wisconsin gun crime criminal defense attorney in Milwaukee who knows the law and is prepared to protect you from serious consequences. Consequently, at Gamino Law Offices, LLC, we fiercely defend clients who face weapons charges throughout Wisconsin.

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Our clients frequently face charges with gun offenses after police found weapons that do not belong to them in their homes or cars. Therefore, the Milwaukee criminal defense lawyers at Gamino Law Offices, LLC will hold the prosecutors in your case responsible for proving all of the elements of the weapons offense in any Wisconsin case. Our gun crime defense attorneys in Milwaukee and Waukesha represent clients in any weapons offense charges, including

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At our Wisconsin criminal law firm, we think the best Milwaukee criminal defense lawyers defending weapons offenses question everything. Therefore, we question all of the alleged facts of the crime: from the reason the police became involved; to any witness statements; the quality and the lawful basis for any investigation, searches or arrests performed by law enforcement; and the elements of the offense charged. Similarly, we review all privileges, legal explanations, and mitigating factors to any crime to provide reasoned and articulate arguments to the judge, jury, or prosecutor on behalf of our clients. Furthermore, we make ourselves accessible to our clients. We promptly provide understandable answers to our client’s questions and updates about the case. In summary, when you need a lawyer you can count on to help you when you are facing criminal charges in Wisconsin, call the best Milwaukee criminal defense lawyer you can find.

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