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Milwaukee Violent Crime Lawyers - Wisconsin Criminal Defense Attorney

Charged with a violent or serious felony crime in Wisconsin? If so, you need a skilled and knowledgeable Wisconsin criminal defense attorney to protect you. Specifically, we provide Milwaukee, Wisconsin violent crime felony lawyers who fit the bill.

While overall violent crime rates in Wisconsin are lower than the national average, violent crime in Milwaukee occurs at almost four times the rate in the rest of the state. Further, the violent crime rate in Milwaukee nearly triples the violent crime rate in rest of the United States (click here for more data). As a result, local judges and law enforcement are tough on violent crime and felony offenses in Milwaukee, and throughout southeastern Wisconsin. If you are charged with a serious or violent felony in Wisconsin, contact a Milwaukee felony defense lawyer at our Milwaukee, Wisconsin criminal law firm to provide the best defense for your case. In trials and in negotiations, our litigation attorneys get successful results for our clients. In particular, we protect our clients charged with Wisconsin violent crimes and felonies in Milwaukee and anywhere in Wisconsin.

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Milwaukee Criminal Defense Attorney Providing the Best Defense to Felony Crimes & Violent Offenses in Milwaukee and Wisconsin

Felonies in Wisconsin are crimes that can result in imprisonment for one year or more in the state prison. Resultantly, in the Milwaukee area, the state prosecutes violent crimes and serious felony offenses aggressively. Therefore, defending a Wisconsin felony criminal charge requires a skilled defense to avoid severe possible consequences.  Our criminal defense attorneys in Milwaukee represent clients in any felony or violent crime charges, including, for example:

When you work with the Wisconsin criminal defense lawyers at Gamino Law Offices, LLC, we realize that crimes don’t occur in a vacuum. We also know that investigations are often incomplete. Further, we recognize that sloppy police work leaves people under investigation or charged with serious crimes and at risk of being convicted for a crime they didn’t commit. Therefore, we bring common sense, top legal skills, and thorough investigation to every case we defend. At our Milwaukee criminal defense law firm we believe the best criminal lawyers in Milwaukee, Wisconsin are through. Specifically, this means:

  • we listen to you
  • uncover all the facts
  • respond quickly to your questions
  • give you an accurate assessment of your case
  • provide practical strategies for a strong defense.

Finally, contact us for more information about dedicated Milwaukee violent crime lawyers, or about other legal services available at our Wisconsin criminal law firm. Also, Click here for links to Wisconsin courts, jail inmate locators, and other Wisconsin criminal law info.