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Despite being known as the “oldest profession in the book,” prostitution offenses in Wisconsin are still aggressively prosecuted crimes that subject you to substantial consequences. It can be a crime for you to commit, offer, or request someone commit, an act of sexual intercourse, contact or gratification for anything of value in Wisconsin. If you are criminally charged in Milwaukee, or elsewhere in Wisconsin with a prostitution offense, you need robust representation. The Wisconsin criminal defense attorneys in Milwaukee at Gamino Law Offices, LLC are experienced lawyers who defend prostitution crimes, including solicitation.

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Wisconsin Prostitution Charges

Wisconsin law defines prostitution, cited in part below, as

Any person who intentionally: 

Has or offers to have or requests to have nonmarital sexual intercourse for anything of value, or 

Commits or offers to commit or requests to commit an act of sexual gratification, in public or in private, involving the sex organ of one person and the mouth or anus of another for anything of value, or 

Is an inmate of a place of prostitution, or

Masturbates a person or offers to masturbate a person or requests to be masturbated by a person for anything of value, or

Commits or offers to commit or requests to commit an act of sexual contact for anything of value.

Wisconsin Statute § 944.30 
What are the penalties for prostitution in Wisconsin?

If convicted of prostitution in Wisconsin as the prostitute, or as the “John,” that is a Class A Misdemeanor. This means it carries possible penalties including up to 9 months in jail and a fine of up to $10,000.

However, keeping a place of prostitution or soliciting prostitution in Wisconsin are Class H felonies, while soliciting a child for prostitution is a Class D Felony.  See Wisconsin Statutes § 944.32, 944.34 & 948.08.

Note the following definitions applicable to prostitution charges:

  • Keeping means to exercise management of control over the operation.  Wis JI-Criminal 1570.
  • Place of prostitution means any place where persons habitually engage in or offer to engage in non-marital acts of sexual intercourse or sexual conduct for anything of value. Wis JI-Criminal 1570.
  • Solicit means to command, encourage, or request another person to engage in specific conduct that constitutes the practice of prostitution and to engage in sexual intercourse or other sexual acts for anything of value on an ongoing basis.  Wis JI-Criminal 1566.
Why hire our Milwaukee criminal defense lawyer to represent you?

We’re on a mission. We want our attorneys to be the best Wisconsin criminal defense lawyer in Milwaukee, and all Wisconsin. Specifically, we guard you, your rights, your reputation, your job, your future, and your freedom! Hence, if police arrest you for prostitution in Milwaukee, or Wisconsin, call us right away. Also, if you face investigation or charges in Wisconsin for any criminal offense, including solicitation, tell the police you want an attorney. Demand to see your lawyer before you talk with the police. In summary, early intervention by experienced Wisconsin criminal defense attorneys makes all the difference in the outcome of a criminal case in Wisconsin.

Importantly, not all criminal lawyers in Wisconsin have great trial skills. Similarly, not every Milwaukee criminal attorney will present a compelling case in court. Moreover, lawyers have differing abilities to negotiate a favorable plea agreement. However, our team of accomplished criminal trial and appellate attorneys demonstrate an impressive record of winning litigation skills. Simply put, we achieve results for our clients. We excel in criminal litigation – from pretrial motions to court or jury trials, and appeals. In conclusion, with decades of combined experience, we have the knowledge and aggressive ability to get the results you need.

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