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When you are on supervision after conviction for a criminal offense you don’t want to have your supervision revoked. Therefore, for anyone on probation, parole, or extended supervision in Wisconsin, following the rules of supervision is of utmost concern. For example, if your agent alleges you violated any condition of supervision, you could face revocation proceedings in Wisconsin. It is essential to have experienced Wisconsin criminal lawyers to help you in this situation. In a revocation hearing, the rules of evidence are more lenient, and you could face being revoked based on hearsay. If your agent revokes your probation, parole, or extended supervision in Wisconsin, you might need to go before the judge to receive additional jail time. However, if you originally received a stayed sentence and your probation is revoked, you may simply be ordered to serve the imposed and stayed sentence.

Don’t waive your rights to contest alleged violations of probation or supervision in Milwaukee, or anywhere in Wisconsin. Our experienced probation revocation attorneys in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, fight for you. Specifically, our Wisconsin probation lawyers fight revocation of supervision and contest alleged violations and attempts to revoke you for a violation. For example, we help you stay on probation or extended supervision and keep your freedom. In particular, we work with the administrative law judges in revocation cases regularly, and we know the ALJ’s policies for revocation hearings. Our Wisconsin criminal lawyers challenge overzealous probation agents. We contest alleged violations of supervision and develop winning alternatives to revocation (ATRs). We do all this to keep you out of jail or prison.

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Presenting a strong defense against revocation of probation in Wisconsin

In Wisconsin, a probation and extended supervision agent may revoke you based on any alleged rule violation. However, POs must follow the rules too. Therefore, someone needs to make sure your probation agent didn’t set unreasonable conditions of supervision. Also, the law should prohibit probation agents from initiating revocation proceedings unless the department of corrections supervisory guidelines call for revocation. In Wisconsin, probation agents must to follow DOC procedures for investigating alleged violations of the conditions of supervision. Further, if the PO believes you violated the rules of supervision, your agent must afford you specific rights, unless you waive your rights or admit the violations. Don’t waive your rights without talking to our Wisconsin criminal lawyers! Consult an experienced Milwaukee, Wisconsin revocation attorney to explore all your options when arrested for violating your supervision in Wisconsin.

Wisconsin ATR lawyers in Milwaukee

According to Wisconsin probation revocation law as established in the longstanding case of State ex rel. Plotkin v. H&SS Department, even if your agent can prove you violated a condition of your supervision, your agent should consider alternatives to probation or parole supervision revocation. Similarly, revocation followed by incarceration should not be the result unless your PO proves:

  • confinement is necessary to protect the public from further criminal activity by the offender; or
  • the offender needs correctional treatment most effectively provided if the offender is confined; or
  • it would unduly depreciate the seriousness of the violation if probation were not revoked.

If your agent revokes your probation or supervision and you must return to court for sentencing after revocation, you want a persuasive Milwaukee criminal defense attorney by your side.  Often judges impose harsh sentences following revocation, where a possibility exists that the judge can sentence you up to the maximum remaining term of incarceration for the imposed or withheld sentence.  Don’t face the judge alone against the prosecutor or your agent.  The Milwaukee sentencing after revocation lawyers at Gamiño Law Offices, LLC will present the mitigating factors in your case and argue for you to receive a lower term of incarceration.  

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