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In Wisconsin, allegations of embezzlement can be a felony or misdemeanor crime that subjects you to serious consequences. It is a crime to take the money if you are an employee who has access to money at work. Specifically, this crime is called embezzlement. Similarly, it is employee theft to convert money from your job, without the owner’s consent in Wisconsin. In summary, if you have access to money for work, it’s a crime to take it for your own use. Therefore, if you get caught stealing money from work, you should look for the best Wisconsin embezzlement criminal defense lawyers in Milwaukee.

Defending Criminal Charges of Employee Theft

In short, if facing employee theft charges in Wisconsin, contact the Milwaukee criminal lawyers at our law firm to help. To explain, our criminal defense attorneys in Milwaukee, WI have experience defending many kinds of Wisconsin theft offenses. Specifically, our lawyers bring their wealth of experience to defend you against embezzlement charges.

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Wisconsin Employee Theft Charges

In brief, Wisconsin law defines embezzlement as follows:

By virtue of his or her office, business or employment, or as trustee or bailee, having possession or custody of money or of a negotiable security, instrument, paper or other negotiable writing of another, intentionally uses, transfers, conceals, or retains possession of such money, security, instrument, paper or writing without the owner’s consent, contrary to his or her authority, and with intent to convert to his or her own use or to the use of any other person except the owner. 

* A refusal to deliver any money or a negotiable security, instrument, paper or other negotiable writing, which is in his or her possession or custody by virtue of his or her office, business or employment, or as trustee or bailee, upon demand of the person entitled to receive it, or as required by law, is prima facie evidence of an intent to convert to his or her own use within the meaning of this paragraph.

Wisconsin Statute 943.20(1)(b) 

Similarly, the Wisconsin jury instructions provide that the State may convict a person charged with embezzlement if: 

1. The defendant possessed money belonging to another person because of his or her employment; and

2. The defendant intentionally used the money without the owner’s consent and contrary to the defendant’s authority; and

3. The defendant knew that the use of the money was without the owner’s consent and contrary to the defendant’s authority; and

4. The defendant intended to convert the money to his or her own use or to the use of another person except the owner.

Wisconsin JI-Criminal 1444.​
Possible sentencing consequences when charged with employee theft in Milwaukee or elsewhere in Wisconsin

If convicted of embezzlement in Wisconsin and the value of the property is

  • less than or equal to $2,500, it is a Class A Misdemeanor.
  • $2500 – $5,000, it is a Class I Felony.
  • $5,000-$10,000, it is a Class H Felony.
  • $10,000, it is a Class G Felony.

It is our mission to provide the best Wisconsin criminal defense lawyer in Milwaukee and Wisconsin. Specifically, our Milwaukee criminal attorneys guard you, your rights, your reputation, your job, your future, and your freedom!  Therefore, if police investigate you, arrest you, or charge you with an employee theft crime in Milwaukee or anywhere in Southeastern Wisconsin, call us right away.  Similarly, any time you are under investigation in Wisconsin for a criminal offense, tell police officers that you wish to speak with an attorney immediately. Notably, early intervention by an experienced Milwaukee criminal defense attorney makes all the difference in the outcome of a criminal case in Wisconsin.

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Not every Wisconsin criminal attorney has the trial skills and ability to present a compelling case in court. Further, not all criminal defense lawyers in Milwaukee know how to negotiate a favorable plea agreement. However, at Gamino Law Offices, LLC our team of accomplished criminal trial and appellate attorneys in Milwaukee have an impressive record of winning litigation and negotiation skills. From pretrial motions to court or jury trials, and appeals, our Wisconsin lawyers work to get you the best result. With decades of combined experience, we have the skills and aggressive ability necessary to get the results you need.

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