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Committing a property damage offense in Wisconsin it can be a serious crime. Similarly, significant penalties sometimes result from criminal damage to property charges. Specifically, intentionally damaging another’s physical property in Wisconsin is a crime. If the state charges you with property damage in Milwaukee or anywhere in Wisconsin, find robust representation. We have a criminal defense attorney for you in Milwaukee, Wisconsin with experience defending property damage crimes in Wisconsin, including arson defense

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Notably, our mission is to offer the best Wisconsin criminal defense attorney in Milwaukee and all Wisconsin. Therefore, we guard you, your rights, your reputation, your job, your future, and your freedom!  Specifically, if you dealt with an arrested or face charges with a property damage crime in Milwaukee, or anywhere in Wisconsin, call us.  Any time you are under investigation in Wisconsin for a criminal offense, tell police officers that you wish to speak with an attorney immediately. In conclusion, early intervention by a Milwaukee criminal lawyer can make a difference in the outcome of criminal cases in Wisconsin.

Not all criminal defense lawyers in Wisconsin have the trial skills and ability to present a compelling case in court. Similarly, not every criminal attorney will negotiate a favorable plea agreement. However, our team of skilled criminal trial and appellate attorneys have a record of winning. For example, our accomplished litigation tactics include pretrial motions to court or jury trials, and appeals. In summary, with decades of combined experience, we have the talent and aggressive ability to get the results you need.

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Wisconsin Criminal Damage to Property Charges

Wisconsin Statute 943.01(1) defines criminal damage to property, quoted in part below, as:

Whoever intentionally causes damage to any physical property of another without the person’s consent.  

Wisconsin Statutes 943.01(1)
The jury instructions provide that in Wisconsin, the state may convict someone charged with criminal damage to property if the evidence shows:
  • defendant caused damage to physical property.
  • defendant intentionally caused the damage.
  • property belonged to another person.
  • defendant caused the damage without the consent of the owner.
  • defendant knew that the property belonged to another person and that the other person did not consent to the damage.

Wisconsin JI-Criminal 1400.

Possible sentencing consequences when charged with criminal damage to property in Milwaukee and all Wisconsin

If convicted of criminal property damage in Wisconsin it is generally a Class A Misdemeanor. Specifically, it has possible penalties including up to 9 months in jail and a fine of up to $10,000.

However, Wisconsin criminal damage to property is a Class I Felony if the property damaged:

  • Is a vehicle or highway and the damage is of a kind which is likely to cause injury to a person or further property damage; or
  • Belonged to a
    • public utility or common carrier and the damage is of a kind which is likely to impair the services of the public utility or common carrier; or
    • person who is or was a grand or petit juror and the damage was caused by reason of any verdict or indictment assented to by the owner; or
  • Was
    • reduced in value by more than $2,500; or
    • on state-owned land and is listed on a specified registry; or
    • a rock art site listed on the national register of historic places in Wisconsin; or
    • plant material used in research; or
    • a coin/credit card operated machine damaged during a theft and reduced in value by more than $500 but less than $2,500.

* Reduced in value means the amount that it would cost to repair or replace it, whichever is less, plus other monetary loses associated with the damage.​

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