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If you commit credit card fraud in Wisconsin it is a serious crime that subjects you to significant consequences.  Specifically, if you take, use, alter, or counterfeit someone else’s credit card it can be a crime.  Further, possessing someone else’s lost card for more than 7 days is considered evidence of fraudulent intent. In particular, it is evidence of intent to sell, transfer or fraudulently use the credit card.  Additionally, evidence that someone possessed credit cards issued in the names of 2 or more other persons is also evidence of fraud. In conclusion, Wisconsin, if you face criminal charges for a fraud offense, you need tough representation.  However, our Wisconsin credit card fraud criminal defense lawyers in Milwaukee, Wisconsin have experience defending fraud offenses, including credit card crimes.  

Presenting a strong defense against Wisconsin Criminal Charges

Notably, our goal is to be the best Wisconsin criminal defense lawyers in Milwaukee, and all Wisconsin. Therefore, we guard you, your rights, your reputation, your job, your future, and your freedom! Of course, if you were arrested or charged with credit card fraud in Milwaukee, or in Wisconsin, call a lawyer. Specifically, if ever you face investigation for a Wisconsin criminal offense, tell police you want to speak with an attorney. Of course, early intervention by an experienced Milwaukee criminal defense lawyer makes all the difference in the outcome of a fraud case in Wisconsin.

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Wisconsin Credit Card Fraud Laws

Wisconsin Statute 943.41 defines several kinds of credit card fraud

  1. Procuring a financial transaction card by the use of false written statements. 943.41(2)
  2. Theft of a credit card. 943.41(3)(a)
  3. Use or possession of a lost credit card. 943.41(3)(b)
  4. Possession of a forged, altered or counterfeit credit card. 943.41(4)
  5. Fraudulent use of a credit card. 943.41(5)
Possible sentencing penalties if convicted of Wisconsin Credit Card Fraud:

Penalties for credit card fraud charges in Milwaukee or elsewhere in Wisconsin, include up to 10 years imprisonment, depending on the value of any property obtained by use of the fraudulent credit card. In particular, theft of a credit card and fraudulent use or of a credit card where the value of the property obtained does not exceed $2,500 are a class A misdemeanors. Similarly, fraudulent use of a financial transaction card where the value of the property obtained is more than $2,500, but not more than $5,000, is a class I felony. Additionally, fraudulent credit card use where the value of the property illegally obtained is greater than $5,000, but not greater than $10,000, is a class H felony. Likewise, using a fraudulent credit card where the value of the property illegally obtained exceeds $10,000 is a class G felony. 

In conclusion, contact us for more information about a state or federal Milwaukee credit card fraud lawyer. Our Milwaukee criminal defense attorneys look forward to serving you!  Also visit our informative Wisconsin criminal lawyer resources page.