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The crime of bail jumping in Wisconsin can subject you to harsh consequences. Notably, often the punishment for bail jumping is as harsh, or worse, than the original criminal charge. If you must defend bail jumping charges in Wisconsin, call a Milwaukee lawyer to mount an effective defense.

What is bail jumping? Specifically, it’s a crime to intentionally break the terms of your bond or “skip bail.” For example, evidence that you knew your actions did not follow the terms of your release on bail constitutes evidence of bail jumping in Wisconsin.

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We hope you take our advice. Specifically, in Milwaukee, or anywhere in Wisconsin, if the state charges you with violating the terms of your bail, you need thorough representation. Similarly, a Milwaukee criminal defense attorney from Gamino Law Offices, LLC has a wealth of experience defending bail jumping cases involving a violation of bail terms.

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Wisconsin Bail Jumping Charges

Wisconsin Statute 946.49(1) defines bail jumping as follows:

Whoever, having been released from custody under ch. 969, intentionally fails to comply with the terms of his or her bond is:
(a) If the offense with which the person is charged is a misdemeanor, guilty of a Class A misdemeanor.
(b) If the offense with which the person is charged is a felony, guilty of a Class H felony.

Wisconsin Statutes 946.49(1)
The jury instructions provide that in Wisconsin, the state may convict a person charged with bail jumping if:

The defendant:

  1. was arrested for or charged with a felony or misdemeanor.
  2. was released from custody on bond under conditions.
  3. intentionally failed to comply with the terms of the bond. The defendant knew of the terms of the bond and knew that his or her actions did not comply with those terms.

Wisconsin JI-Criminal 1795.

Note the following:

  1. Release refers to the defendant posting the bond. Bond can be in the form of a signature or cash. In contrast, release does not require the defendant’s physical departure from jail or custody. Specifically, if a defendant made bond on a signature bond by signing it, he or she has committed to the conditions in the case for which bond has been fulfilled. This is true even though bond may remain unpaid or unfulfilled in other matters. Similarly, while not physically released, the defendant may be subject to bail jumping for violating the conditions of the signature bond.
  2. Failing to appear in court when required often constitutes the grounds for allegations that someone skipped bail.  
  3. When a bail jumping charge is based upon allegations of a new crime being committed while on bail, the elements of the new crime must also be established.

See Wisconsin JI-Criminal 1220​

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