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Armed Robbery in Wisconsin is a serious felony crime that subjects you to hefty consequences. It is important to note that it can be a crime forcibly take someone else’s property while using a dangerous weapon. Furthermore, evidence that someone threatened to use a gun (or another weapon) is sufficient proof in Wisconsin. Notably, actually possessing a weapon is not a requirement to be charged with an armed offense. On the contrary, you can be charged with armed robbery if the alleged victim reasonably believed the you were armed with a dangerous weapon.

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Wisconsin Armed Robbery Charges

Wisconsin law defines Armed Robbery, quoted in part below, as follows:

Whoever, with intent to steal, takes property from the person or presence of the owner …
by use or threat of use of a dangerous weapon, a device or container described under s. 941.26 (4) (a) or any article used or fashioned in a manner to lead the victim reasonably to believe that it is a dangerous weapon or such a device or container.”

Wisconsin Statutes section 943.32(2)

Similarly, the jury instructions provide that in Wisconsin, a person charged with Armed Robbery
  may be convicted if:

​1) The defendant took and carried away property from the person or presence of the owner of the property.
2)The defendant took the property with the intent to steal.
3) The defendant acted forcibly.  This requires that the defendant used force against the person with the intent to overcome, prevent physical resistance or physical power of resistance, to the taking or carrying away of the property.
4) At the time of the taking or carrying away, the defendant used or threatened to use a dangerous weapon.

Wisconsin JI-Criminal 1480​
Possible sentencing consequences when charged with Theft by Use of a Dangerous Weapon in Milwaukee, Waukesha or elsewhere in Wisconsin:

Armed Robbery in Wisconsin is a Class C Felony. As a result, it carries possible penalties of up to 40 years imprisonment. Specifically, if convicted you could serve a maximum of 25 years of initial confinement in prison. Furthermore, you could also spend a maximum of 15 years of extended supervision. The judge could also order you to pay a maximum fine of $100,000.

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