5 Things You MUST Ask Your Milwaukee Criminal Defense Lawyer - Milwaukee Criminal Defense Lawyer

When you find yourself in a tight spot – and if you’re looking for a Milwaukee criminal defense lawyer, you probably already have – you might feel like you have to choose the first attorney who answers the phone. That’s not true, though. In fact, you owe it to yourself to ask your potential attorney seven incredibly important questions.

1. How long have you been practicing criminal law? While it’s not essential that you choose the lawyer with the most experience, it might not be a great idea to hire someone who graduated from law school last week… especially if you’re facing serious charges with serious consequences.

2. What percentage of your cases involve criminal law? If you’re trying to fight criminal charges, an attorney who mostly handles divorce cases is probably not your best bet. It’s best to choose a lawyer who devotes most of his or time to criminal defense.

3. How familiar are you with my area? Many attorneys cover wide areas, which is completely normal. However, a lawyer who’s familiar with your area will probably be more comfortable in the courtroom.

4. What kind of results can you provide? Be wary of lawyers who tell you, “Oh, we can get you out of this, no problem.” A good lawyer will let you know that he or she can’t guarantee the outcome of your case. That said, a good lawyer has the experience necessary to give you a good picture of possible outcomes.

5. What are your fees? While it’s a good idea to comparison shop, picking an attorney with rock-bottom prices might result in bottom-of-the-barrel service. You don’t need to hire a celebrity lawyer, either; just make sure that you can afford the fees and that the attorney has the experience to back them up.

Once you’ve chosen a Milwaukee criminal defense lawyer, you can breathe a little easier knowing that someone is in your corner, fighting alongside you during this difficult time.