What to Do if You're Arrested in Waukesha - Waukesha Arrest Lawyer

By Carlos Gamino

If you’re arrested in Waukesha, you may or may not be guilty of a crime—but either way, it’s a scary experience.

So what can you do to make things easier on yourself?

What to Do if You’re Arrested in Waukesha

Remember that when you’re arrested, you still have rights. You have quite a few rights, in fact, and one of them is the right not to incriminate yourself.

The first thing you should do if you’re arrested in Waukesha is tell police that you want to talk to your attorney. Police may try to encourage you to talk to them (that’s their job), but you don’t have to; once you ask to talk to your lawyer, they shouldn’t try to question you further—and you shouldn’t volunteer any information until your lawyer gets there.

The police will “book” you, which means taking you to the police station or jail and taking your fingerprints. They’ll also take a photo, and they’ll send you to a holding cell. You’ll wait there until you’re taken to a judge or until you post bail.

You have the right to talk to your lawyer before you’re taken to the judge, and you can have your lawyer go with you to your first hearing. In some cases, you may bail yourself out of jail without seeing a judge first.

At your arraignment—the next hearing you’ll get if you’re actually charged with a crime—the judge will formally tell you what crime you’ve been charged with (whether it’s arson, prostitution, or any other type of crime) and you may have the opportunity to say whether or not you’re guilty of the charges. Again, it’s a good idea to have an attorney with you at this hearing. Your lawyer can speak for you and preserve your rights… and a good lawyer will already be formulating a plan to get you the best possible outcome.

Has Your Loved One Been Arrested?

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Carlos Gamino