5 Stress Busters that Can Help You Cope with Divorce - Milwaukee Divorce Lawyer

Divorce, whether it’s simple and uncontested or complicated and “messy,” is nearly always stressful. It’s a form of loss, and it’s perfectly normal to grieve the loss of a relationship just as you would any other personal loss.

In addition to the loss, you’re scheduling meetings with your Milwaukee divorce attorney, working and running a household with less help than what you’re used to.

That’s why it’s important to find ways to relieve your stress during this transitional period. When you decompress, you’ll be able to think more clearly, rest better and be more productive – and we could all use those things in our daily lives, even without divorce on the horizon.

What do psychologists recommend? The best stress-busters for divorce might be some of the simplest, but these five can lift your spirits and help you refresh yourself, and they all work exceptionally well for most people.

1. Get some exercise.

Few things can lift your mood as much as a little exercise can. It may be difficult to motivate yourself to begin, but even a 5-minute light workout will improve your mood. Try a brisk walk. Workouts that are more vigorous are great for releasing aggression, if that’s what you need (think about that punching bag at the gym just calling your name).

2. Get pampered.

If the ubiquitous mani-pedi isn’t your thing, a night away from home might do the trick for you; there’s nothing wrong with booking a local hotel room and sitting amid extra pillows while you watch TV in your bathrobe. Sleep in, too – extra rest is always good for your mind and your body.

3. Cultivate new interests.

Is there an activity that interests you that you never pursued? Maybe ex didn’t share your enthusiasm, or maybe you were too pressed for time with all of your obligations. Well, your ex isn’t holding you back anymore. Now is the perfect time to try something you’ve always wanted to take a crack at or reconnect with an old hobby.

Go bungee jumping or bird watching; take up knitting or pyrotechnics. Check off something on your bucket list. You’ll be so glad that you did.

4. Moderate retail therapy.

It doesn’t matter who you are, buying yourself something new feels good. You deserve to feel good—just don’t go overboard. Buy yourself something affordable but that you really love. (For some of us, a carton of Ben & Jerry’s does just fine!)

5. Lose yourself in a book.

Reading is a fantastic escape from the everyday; it engages your mind so you’re not focused on the stress of your hectic life. Is there a work of classic literature you’ve always wanted to read, or are you looking for a great suspense novel that you can’t put down? Now is a great time, and even if you’re not close to one of the Milwaukee Public Library’s branches, you can get thousands free eBooks on Kindle, your iPhone or your PC (check out Google Books).

However you choose to do it, you owe yourself some stress-busting. Divorce can be a long, difficult journey, but you’ll get to the end of it. Take it easy on yourself along the way.