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By Carlos Gamino

If you’re like most parents going through divorce, your primary concern is your children – and helping them cope with the new stresses they’re facing as a result. Teens can be tough to talk to, and it can be difficult to get them to share their feelings. However, there are three simple ways you can help them cope with your divorce, both before and after you’ve talked to a divorce attorney.

3 Ways to Help Your Teenager Cope With Divorce

1. Keep things civil between you and your ex.

Getting along with your ex is hard, and it may have been hard for a long time – but now is the time to try to keep the peace. Your teen needs to see you and your ex being civil (if not nice) to each other so he or she can begin to look at your split-up differently.

2. Make sure you don’t involve your kids.

One of the worst things divorcing parents can do is to involve their children in adult problems. Kids want to feel free to enjoy their relationships with both parents, but forcing them to take sides makes that incredibly difficult.

3. Talk about the future in a positive light.

Teenagers are worried about going to college, their future relationships, and even “little” things like summertime visits with friends – and they may worry that your divorce is going to put the brakes on all those things. They understand that each parent will have to support his or her own household, which can mean a financial crunch, and they may be concerned that their own future marriages won’t work out well. Make sure you’re talking to your teen and assuring him or her that things will stay as close to the same as possible.

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