3 Things You Need to Know about the Family Court System in Milwaukee - Wisconsin Divorce Lawyer

By offering a wide range of services to help families work their way through divorce, custody issues and more, the Milwaukee Family Court system does its best to simplify these often-complicated processes and make them easier on everyone involved – especially children. That said, there are three things you need to know about the Milwaukee Family Court system if you’re going to be dealing with them in the future.

1. The Milwaukee Family Court system offers several services to help entire families, including:

  • Mediation services. People who can’t agree on custody of children can meet with a neutral mediator to find common ground.
  • Parental education and co-parenting programs. Everyone with minor children must participate in one, and they are designed to help divorcing couples cope with the challenges of parenting from two separate households.

2. When parents cannot agree, a guardian ad litem is assigned to the case. While a guardian ad litem is an attorney who’s licensed to practice law in the state of Wisconsin, he or she isn’t the children’s lawyer. Instead, the guardian ad litem advocates for the kids’ best interests – both what they need and what they want.

3. It’s almost always better to settle your disagreements out of court. Judges do their best to make fair decisions, but they don’t know you, your ex or your children. You and your soon-to-be former spouse do, and you’re the people who are most qualified make the right choices for your family. If your Milwaukee family law attorney suggests that you try mediation to work things out, try it. You don’t have anything to lose.

There are numerous cases going through the Milwaukee Family Court system every day, and not everyone leaves happy. Your best chance for coming out of your divorce as unscathed as possible is through education – knowing what to expect and knowing what to do. Your Milwaukee divorce lawyer will walk you through every aspect of your case and ensure that you’re able to negotiate for the things you want as you dissolve your marriage.