3 Strikes Laws and Criminal Careers - Milwaukee Criminal Defense Lawyer

We’ve all heard of so-called “career criminals.” They’re people who spend more time in jail than out; as soon as they get out, they re-offend and end up right back in prison. Out of our 50 states, 26 have three strikes laws – and Wisconsin is one of them. If you’re not sure if our three strikes law affects you, talk to your Milwaukee criminal defense lawyer; he or she will be able to give you an in-depth explanation.

What Wisconsin’s Three Strikes Law Is… and Isn’t

Three strikes laws don’t apply to every crime. In Wisconsin, our three-strike law refers to serious or violent crimes, including sexual offenses. What it does is require a heavy sentence for people who have had three “strikes.”

Does that mean you’re going to prison for life if you’re committed your third burglary?

Not necessarily. Unfortunately, nobody can predict the outcome of your case. That’s why it’s best to work with a talented criminal defense lawyer – not just on your third offense, but on your first. That’s because your attorney will work hard on your behalf; in some cases, attorneys are able to get charges changed for the better.

Three Strikes Laws and Drug Crimes

While our criminal justice system does its best to be fair, there are currently thousands of people serving life without parole for non-violent drug convictions. Blanket legislation sometimes ends up forcing judges to impose sentences that they don’t even agree with; sentences that they wouldn’t ordinarily impose if it were up to them.

No matter what you’re being charged with, it’s essential that you get help from a qualified Milwaukee criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible. Your attorney might be able to work with prosecutors to change the classification of the crime you’re being charged with or direct you toward helpful resources, including substance abuse counseling or support groups.