2 Drug Traffic Arrests Will Shock You -  Milwaukee Drug Crime Lawyer

Attorney Carlos A. Gamino was a criminal defense and drug crime lawyer in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Maybe you were doing a friend a favor. Maybe you needed a little extra cash. You might have been forced to do it.

There are a lot of reasons you may be dealing with a drug trafficking arrest, and your case is unique – and if you’re being charged with carrying or possessing illegal drugs, you certainly need to talk to a Milwaukee drug crime lawyer.

That said, these three drug trafficking arrests will shock you. They certainly shocked us, and we thought we’d heard it all.

Detroit Drug Mule: Leo Sharp

89-year-old Leo Sharp was lugging cocaine – about 200 pounds of it – from Tucson to Detroit for a Mexican drug cartel when he got pulled over for making a bad lane change.

Why did he do it?

“I needed the money,” he said. As a highly decorated veteran of World War II, Sharp’s fall from grace may have been due to age, dementia, and living on an extremely fixed income amid skyrocketing costs of living.

12-Year-Old Exploited

An American 12-year-old who was living with his grandparents in Nigeria was recently hospitalized in New York. The problem? He was carrying about $950,000 worth of heroin in his stomach. The boy was promised about $1,500 and a trip to see his mother in Atlanta when things went horribly wrong – he began to pass the packages of heroin while he was in a taxi cab on his way to meet the recipient of the drugs.

While these are extreme and shocking cases, yours has its own details too. If you’ve been charged with anything related to drugs, you need to talk to a Milwaukee drug crime lawyer who may be able to help you. Every case has a backstory, and an attorney can help you make sure yours is heard.