By Carlos Gamino

Many people erroneously believe that it’s tough for fathers to win custody battles in the state of Wisconsin. The truth is that fathers have just as good a chance at winning a custody fight as mothers do. This guide explains.

Why Do People Think Dads Can’t Win Custody Battles?

In the not-so-distant past, women were more likely to win physical placement of their children than men were. That wasn’t only true in Wisconsin; it was true all over the United States (and it’s still true in some places).

But times have certainly changed. Judges and the state of Wisconsin know that children benefit from having meaningful relationships with both their parents, and that men and women are equally capable of caring for children.

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What Good Attorneys Tell Their Clients (Dads and Moms) About Custody Battles

First things first: your attorney will most likely tell you that you should avoid a custody battle. The key word here is battle. There are several reasons for this – but the most important one is that duking things out with your former spouse isn’t healthy for your children.

Your attorney will most likely tell you that you should attempt to work out an agreement with your ex regarding placement and the amount of time you each spend with your children. That’s because, when you work together, you’re both likely to be reasonably satisfied with the outcome of your case. If you and your ex take it to court, the judge in your case will certainly do their best to be fair and do what’s right for your children. However, nobody knows your family like you and your ex do. That means you two are the best-qualified people to make decisions about child custody.

With that said, sometimes going to court is necessary. In some cases, it’s impossible to negotiate with the other party. If that’s your situation, you need an attorney who’s willing to fight hard for your rights and your children’s rights. And if you’re a dad, don’t stress – you have the same opportunity as your ex does to prove that you’re the right caregiver for your children.

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Do You Need to Talk to an Attorney About Placement and Custody?

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